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Who We Are

SOAR stands for "Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources."  We are a non-profit, grassroots group of Oceanside citizens dedicated to preserving our City's precious few remaining open spaces and farmlands.

We are modeled after SOAR Ventura County which has successfully halted the traditional urban sprawl expansion pattern through local initiatives. As a result, citizens have been able to hold onto much of their natural open spaces and greenbelt buffers between cities, and have slowed the loss of agricultural land to far below the rates experienced in other parts of Southern California.

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The Initiatve

Our SOAR Initiative will establish a mechanism that provides for

 direct citizen participation in land use decisions affecting the City of Oceanside’s General Plan policies as they relate to Agriculture and Open Space.


The Initiative includes two exceptions to the voter approval requirement.

First, voter approval is not required if the land use change is necessary for the City to meet state mandated affordable housing obligations. This first exception will not apply if other residential land in the City is available to meet the City’s affordable housing requirements.

Second, development projects are exempt from the voter approval requirement if an applicant has a vested right to develop under state law before the effective date of this initiative. In general, vested rights arise when a property owner has performed substantial work and incurred substantial liabilities in good faith reliance upon a permit issued by the government.

The Initiative also proposes to amend Policy B in Section 2.5 of the Land Use Element of the General Plan to allow agritourism in areas designated for agricultural use. 

The Initiative permits agritourism provided it does not interfere with agricultural operations and the open space character of the area is preserved.  (The Initiative does not define the term agritoursim.)

If adopted, the Initiative will remain in effect until December 31, 2038.

You'll can access the full text of the Intiative on our Resources page.

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