We have a rare opportunity to receive up to $15,000 of additional funding when you donate. How? 

Any donations we receive will be matched, up to $15,000, by an anonymous donor. That means if SOAR supporters give $15,000, we’ll raise a total of $30,000. Will you donate now to help us meet that goal? 

Help Us save open space & farmland in Oceanside

Your support and contributions will enable us to get your Voters' Rights Initiative on the ballot!   

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Once our open spaces and farmland are built out and paved over, they are gone forever.

The SOAR Initiative will give the RIGHT to VOTE to save our remaining open spaces and farmland to the Citizens of Oceanside instead of just three City Council Members.

A small investment now will grow exponentially over the years to come by preserving what is left for our children and future generations to appreciate and enjoy.



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