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Submitting a message of support for Oceanside SOAR's VOTERS' RIGHTS Initiative – MEASURE Y - is one of the easiest ways to help us protect our parks, open spaces and farmlands.


Oceanside SOAR will use your message to show our elected officials how much people care about these lands and their RIGHT to VOTE on zoning changes that will impact them.

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Parks, open space and farmland in Oceanside are a cornerstone of our lives. These spaces are critical for sustaining our economy, high-quality of life, farming heritage, excellent recreational opportunities, clean air and water, incredible views, and intact landscapes. 

Oceanside is one of the few cities that currently has zoning to protect land use which was designed to preserve agriculture and community character. Unfortunately, this zoning can be changed by a vote of only three (3) City Council members. 

I strongly support MEASURE Y. 

I understand Oceanside SOAR’s Voters’ Rights Initiative – MEASURE Y - will require a vote of Oceanside citizens before the City Council can change the City’s General Plan sections that pertain to Open Space and Agriculture. I believe Oceanside Voters should have the right to vote on land use zoning changes, not just City Council Members and special interests. 

I believe MEASURE Y will also help reduce sprawl by promoting “Smart Growth” - an approach to development that encourages a mix of building types and uses, diverse housing and transportation options, development within existing neighborhoods, and community engagement - that has been adopted by many urban planners and cities across the nation. 

MEASURE Y also will result in other benefits. These include

  • Reducing future taxes by reducing costs of roads, sewers, other infrastructure, and services that come with sub/urban sprawl
  • Reducing greenhouse gases by reducing traffic and restricting housing projects while promoting agriculture
  • Encouraging the City to expand agritourism efforts which will support our economy as well as our local farmers

I will vote for Oceanside SOAR's Voters' Rights Initiative – MEASURE Y – and urge our City Council members to support this important Measure as well.

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As a business owner, you have a unique insight into what creates jobs and makes our Oceanside economy flourish. Your voice is critical in letting our elected officials know that protecting open spaces and farmlands in Oceanside is essential to the health of our tourism, recreation, and economy. 

By submitting Oceanside SOAR's business endorsement, you are supporting the protection of the open space and public lands that bring thousands of tourists to our city  - from our beautiful beaches to our lush farmlands - to spend money in our stores, hotels, and restaurants; and, the open and public space recreation that attracts a high quality workforce to our city.  

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