vote YES on measure Y - voters speak out

Former S Morro Hills president, John Rutherford, talks about why a measure in Ventura like this one is SO SUCCESSFUL and how Measure Y is good for Oceanside.

 Ken Depesa, another farmer in S Morro Hills and Association Board member, lays it all out why we must vote YES on Y.

 Past President of S Morrow Hills Ass'n. Heckzo talks about how " "the system is broken" and why Oceanside needs Measure Y. 

 Former S Morro Hills president, Suzy shares why YOU should have the vote, not  out of town developers like Integral, the developer behind North River Farms.


Terry Haas, S Morro Hills farmer, discusses real issues trying to evacuate from Lilac fire in S Morro Hills rural area and how a huge development, N River Farms is planned for the area.  

 Diane Nygaard shares why a Yes vote on Y is critical and how a no vote will cost you money, hurt farmers and farming in Oceanside, and who is really behind the opposition.  

YES on Y is funded completely by the contributions of concerned Oceanside residents. Endorsed by the League of Women Voters, Sierra Club, Friends of El Corazon, Preserve Calavera, ACTION and numerous other local organizations, Measure Y is Good for Oceanside and Good for Farmers.