We Can't Do This Without You! - YES on Y!

Oceanside SOAR is a totally grassroots, all-volunteer organization that runs on people power. We need your help to continue to spread the word about what Measure Y - SOAR's Voter's Rights Initiative protects and why we need this to pass this November.  Over 13,000 Oceanside citizens signed the original Initiative Petition giving us the required signatures needed to qualify for the November 2018 ballot.  The following are some of the ways you can help us spread the word!


Help us get the word out!  If you are new to canvassing, don't worry.  We have a team of experienced volunteers who will train you and support you along the way.  And, no matter what your experience or skill level, there are a variety of ways you can help. As we build out our campaign, these may include

  • Walking precincts and /or working a location
  • Making phone calls to voters and/or Entering data
  • Attending events and passing out literature
  • Gathering information, i.e. phone numbers and other information on the Internet
  • Addressing envelopes, Stuffing mail, and more


WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Whether you want to write to the editor of the San Diego Union Tribune or some of our local, Oceanside-focused news outlets, your voice matters! Don't feel you can write a letter to the editor? Comments count, too! Commenting on news articles is a great way to quickly express your opionion about a piece or news story. Consider joining with our  all volunteer Keyboard Warriors team.  Guidance and training are available.

HELP WITH MEDIA OUTREACH - With virtually no advertising budget, we're going to have to count on media coverage to help tell our story. It takes quite a bit of planning to get us mentioned in the news and to get our Initiative mentioned by the right outlets with the right messages at the right time. If you like to follow a plan, like writing, and especially like reaching out to the news media, then this activity fits you perfectly! 

REACH OUT TO LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS - Oceanside is home to many civic and interest groups whose interests and advocacy activities fit perfectly with Oceanside SOAR and our YES on Y campaign. We need volunteers to help us not only identify them, but to reach out to them. If you are a member of a local group, you probably have more connections than you realize. Why not put them to use for our YES on Y campaign?

BECOME A SPEAKER - If you feel passionately about SOAR and preserving our open space, parks and farmlands, let us know! We often have more requests for a speaker than we have speakers! We can provide you with talking points, literature and posters. 

WORK A PHONE BANK - Personal calls made by volunteers, who believe in a cause, are the second most effective “Precinct Organizing” methodology behind door-to-door canvassing. Nothing beats person-to-person discussions and relationship building!  When we're ready to launch our phone bank, we'll provide training and a brief opening script to help you get started. 

BECOME A SOCIAL MEDIA AMBASSADOR - Do you use Facebook? Are you active on Nextdoor? Volunteering as an Oceanside SOAR Social Media Ambassador provides an opportunity for enthusiastic and engaged individuals to represent our YES on Y campaign efforts. You will serve a significant role in supporting our online community by facilitating conversations, promoting awareness and helping us gather support for Measure Y. 

HELP WITH PHOTOGRAPHY /VIDEO PRODUCTION - Are you a photo or video hobbyist? A pro? We need volunteers to help us with quality photos for our website, social media and print products.  And if you can help with creating and posting short videos, that's like icing on the cake! 

HELP RAISE FUNDS -  We're learning that campaigning is an expensive undertaking! The right fundraising event can generate major revenue for Oceanside SOAR and our YES on Y campaign. If you love fundraising for a cause, we'd love your support!  Whether you want to help by holding a small event or a big fundraiser, let us know!